3 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing

One of biggest complaints in the natural and permed hair community is “Why is my hair not growing?”. Knowing that we are all living beings, growing your hair is not the problem, the problem is keeping it. A lot of people confuse the lack of retaining length with the concept of their hair not growing. Your hair should grow on average about 1/2 inch a month. You may ask, what will happen if I continue with my bad hair habits? Well, you will never see the full potential of your hair growth. The most important tip from this article is to simply make your hair a priority.

1. Develop the “Less is More” Method 

The easiest way to start healthy hair routine is to stop doing what you’ve done in the past. When you are dealing with damaged hair, the more you continue to do to your hair the worse off it will become. Less is always more. You don’t have to have a large collection of products, try sticking to the basics. HAIRssentialsByMLPro is a large selection of products for your everyday needs. The ingredients used are lightweight and promote hair growth.

 2. Protect Your Hair

One of the most important parts of your routine is doing protective hairstyles. Hairstyles as such will allow your hair to grow and alleviate tension on your scalp. As a result, this will prevent any unwanted breakage, especially if you are transitioning or not. For instance, protective or low maintenance hairstyles such as wearing wigs on cornrows, twist outs amongst others will reduce shedding. Even so, a protective style is key to all hair types. Another key factor to getting your styles to last throughout, is to implement weekly treatments. With each wash day, you should be doing a deep conditioning treatment with heat or steam. This will lock in much-needed moisture to your shaft, which will result in preventing breakage that leads to damaged hair. Also with the added moisture, your hair will regain strength.

3. Stimulate New Hair Growth

Lastly, you can now monitor your ends and trim every month, some suggest once in three months however trimming your hair promotes its growth as well. This is a sure way you don’t lose all the length and maintain healthy hair. I’ll let you in on a little secret, your scalp may need some extra attention. You might think this is not news to you, but this is a factor in preventing balding. Simple steps like stimulating your scalp in a circular motion is a sure way to kick start your hair growth journey. In the same way, massaging HAIRssentialsByMLPro Growth Oil into your scalp every night or every other night will increase your hair growth. Furthermore, you don’t have to do a million things to start seeing changes. Drop Tips that have worked for you 😉….

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