Hair Experts say DEEP CONDITIONING is one of the best ways of taking care of your hair as it repairs existing damage and strengthens your hair to withstand future damage. It prevents split ends, breakage, it moisturizes and restores the natural glow of your hair, its curls. Basically, deep hair conditioning softens and strengthens your hair.

Inorder to completely combat hair breakage, it is essential that you choose the right product for your hair and learn the dos and don’ts of deep hair conditioning.


Deep Conditioning is the application of a thick and restorative formula to your hair, using heat to encourage the penetration of the formula into your hair. The goal is to repair dry, damaged hair by rebuilding the hair’s molecular layer and replenishing moisture, encouraging thicker, softer and revitalised hair.

If your mane is already in good condition or shape, then deep conditioning will , protect hair from damage and enhance its natural condition, making them voluminous and shiny. That means deep conditioning is a miracle multi-tasker that is beneficial for every type of hair.

There are TWO TYPES of deep conditioners, PROTEIN and MOISTURE. You need both for balance. PROTEIN based deep conditioners are designed to strengthen the hair, improve elasticity, equalise porosity, improve hair appearance and add body. Damaged hair needs regular protein treatments till it’s repaired.

MOISTURIZING deep conditioner is supposed to be used right after, your hair will feel hard after a protein treatment because of keratin, so you need a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment to even and balance things out. A moisturizing deep conditioning treatment will add moisture to the hair, keep moisture in the hair and help soften it over time. So if you do a protein treatment this week, the week after do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment.

You definitely should incorporate both moisturizing deep conditionersand protein deep conditioners into your hair regimen. If your hair is basically healthy then you should be using a moisturizing deep conditioner most of the time

Does Your Hair Need Protein? 

Hair is made up of protein, so yes, you need it, but maybe not as much as you think. Protein strengthens the hair but the treatments are often drying, so you don’t want to overdo them. You need more protein if your hair is:

  • Relaxed
  • Heat styled frequently
  • Colored
  • Damaged

Just because you need more protein doesn’t mean you need a lot of it. Light protein in the form of a leave-in conditioner may be enough.

As a general guideline, start by making sure your hair gets twice as many moisturizing treatments as protein. Women who do a lot to their hair probably need weekly protein, but not intense ones. This means you have to deep condition your hair frequently, as well.

It’s not always easy finding a good moisture-protein balance, but when you’re familiar with your hair and its needs, you’ll know when to add or cut back on the various components required for healthy hair.


You can either make yours or buy HAIRssentialsByMLPro Hair Care Products.

1. Prepoo and Wash the hair with a HAIRssentialsByMLPro Sulphate free shampoo and HAIRssentialsByMLPro Moisturizing Conditioner.

2. Blot out hair with an old t shirt. (Towels causes frizz).

3. On your damp clean hair, apply the deep conditioner from your ends to your root, keep away from the scalp because it can cause buildup. So apply to your hair, not scalp.

4. After coating the hair, wear a shower cap or plastic cap then go under a steamer for 30 minutes or 1 hour for a DIY deep conditioner. Never more than that.

5. Rinse out well with cold water, and if you have Apple cider vinegar, add one part to two parts of water and use it to rinse. ACV rinses out buildup.

6. Moisturise with the HAIRssentialsByMLPro Hair Butter. , seal and style as usual.


Incase, you run out of your favorite deep conditioner; you can always use our leave-in conditioner  mixed with our Hair Butter for deep conditioning and you can choose to add a few more ingredients.

( DO’s and DON’Ts )

Stop Alternating Products or Ingredients, this way you’d be sure if a product or ingredient is actually working for you or not.

Don’t Be A Product Junkie.

Be Consistent

Dont Rush The Process or Skip A step, your hair needs to be pampered.

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